Genealogy: Wilson Vintage Photographs



                   John Windley Wilson, Sr.                           June Sparks Wilson


                     Wallace & Alice Wilson                    Anna & Frederich Reif


                  Wallace & Alice Wilson family       Ralph & Ella Sparks with young June

Bernie (l.) and June (r.) with biological mother, Anna Katherine Thomas Reif

James Delano Brown and Mary Ann (Redman) Brown


   Alice Brown Wilson         Wallace and brother, John Sr.     Anna and Frederick Reif


Wallace Wilson (aka "The Chief") in rear seat with black hat

"The Wilson Musicians"

Front, left to right: Dorothy, Margaret, Ruth, James, Alice

Rear, left to right: John, Wallace, Robert, Charles

Wallace Wilson-Alice Brown Wilson's "Summer Home" in Rumson, NJ

Wallace, James and John Wilson circa 1915


Left: Family picnic at 376 Pitman Ave, Pitman, NJ. Alice B. Wilson at front right

Right: John, Sr. at Martin Aircraft in Baltimore circa 1943





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