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First of all  . . . Happy New Year! A fair amount of rain this month, above the usual for this time of year. Hope it leads to an abundance of wildflowers and cactus blooms in a few months!

John continues twice weekly PT following a rotator cuff repair late last year - things are going well.

We attended a show at ASU Gammage Auditorium on the 21s which featured6 performers in a show called "the Illusionists. Some of them had performed on America's Got Talent.


This is the beginning of the hike season for John and Bob Mummey. They try to get out once a week with cameras in hand.

On the 5th we attended a Super Bowl party and watched a great 4th quarter game!

 The 25th found us on a 28-car Miata run past Wickenburg to and down Yarnell Hill with a quick stop at the Yarnell Emporium for a little shopping.


Spring Training: Royal s vs. Indians @ the Surprise Stadium with a group of Corte Bella residents for tailgating and game.

 We took a 3-day trip to Laughlin, NV and Lake Havasu City and Oatman, AZ the 19th to the 21st. At Grapevine Canyon  in the Spirit Mountain Wilderness west of Laughlin we were able to see many wonderful petroglyphs from ancient peoples who inhabited the area.


Then there's always lunch and a photo-op at the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City  . . .

On the way home we traveled to the old mining town of Oatman, now a shadow of it's days in the 1800's, but now supporting a tourist trade.

 . . . but before we arrived in Oatman we drove by the Los Lagos Golf Club on Boundary Cone Rd. east of Bullhead City. We'd never seen a golf course where the fairways, greens and common area were blanketed in flowers - in this case by Gaillardia flowers. Just beautiful.


Lots of hiking!

Pics from White Tank Mountain Park:

At the White Tanks Mountains Regional Park with Barb  . .


 . . . to wrap up April we met with 25 other Miatas at the West Wind Drive-in in Glendale  . .  who knew? 9 screens and a huge snack center! Tops down, great temperatures. Movie was "Going in Style" with Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin.


On the 16th, Barb and I, along with Bob and Bonnie Mummey, visited Casa Grande Ruins National Monument near Coolidge, Arizona. Incredible history of ancient peoples who lived here for a thousand years, then suddenly left the area leaving behind an incredible city which was home to about 2,000 at its peak. What a story they have!


Just plain hot and nowhere to hide! We hunkered down with A/C and had a very mundane month.

Rachael was at the house for Father's Day 2017


Fun on the 4th at Emerson's annual pool party - and, yes, it was still really hot! That evening we watched the fireworks display at Briarwood Country Club in Sun City West.

Then there was Wimbledon tennis, Bryan's BBQ with Bob & Bonnie Mummey and the Martin Auto Museum with the Sahauro Miata Club. And you can't forget  . .  well, you probably can  . .  Amazon Prime Day!


On the 8th we met Bob and Bonnie Mummey at Valle Luna for great Mexican food!

And  . . . because we live so far south of the total solar eclipse line of "best sight", we could only view a small sliver of the sun being eaten away by the evil moon on the 21st.

Dinner with Bob & Bonnie at the Yard House at Desert Ridge to jointly celebrate their 51st anniversary (WOW) and John's 73rd birthday.


On the 13th we celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary in Sedona - and toured two historical sites: Palataki Heritage Site and the Honanki Heritage Site. Both were the the locations of the largest cliff dwellings of the Red Rock country between AD 1150 - 1350.

Here's Barb at Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village in Sedona.


Here is the World's Largest Kokopelli - right in front of Starbucks at Camp Verde on the way to Sedona.

Several days after out anniversary we enjoyed a great meal at Charleston's in Scottsdale, our very favorite place for filet mignon. 



Hey  . .  it's Barb's birthday on the 1st. Happy Birthday, Barb!!!

The 6th found us at the Chandler Center for the Arts for a Retro-Disneyland Americana show with Charles Phoenix, Ambassador of Americana. A very amusing show!


The 10th through the 13th we were in Cape May, NJ for John's 55th Pitman High School reunion. Aaauuuggggh, so MANY years! Accommodations were at the Grand Hotel  . . . right on the beach  . . . unfortunately, the weather was cool, overcast and sometimes rainy so there were no long walks on the beach. It was great to see so many friends, all of which I hadn't seen since the 40th reunion, the last one we attended. Here are some pics:


Here we are, of course, but the pic to the right shows Bruce Ware, Ellen Fisher, Barb Ware, Charlie Letocha and John.


Left to right around the table: Joe Biringer, Rich Clarke, Barb Wilson,  John Wilson, Lee Gaunt, Ellen Fisher, Charlie Letocha. 



Left to Right around the table: Bruce Ware, Barb Ware, Gail Rice, Drake Saxton, Andrea Young.


Class of Pitman High School '62 55th Reunion Attendees 

On the 28th we attended the Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden with Bob & Bonnie Mummey. Another fantastic weather day  . .  here are some pics:

And the month ends with Jessica's Halloween birthday on the 31st. Happy Birthday, Jessica! 


We often see desert wildlife meandering through the neighborhood; here's a friendly bobcat seen a few block from the house.

The community "rock painter", whose work is seen all over Corte Bella, has left one for us. Identity unknown, this person paints a small rock depicting a variety of subjects and places them by your mailbox post. Here's ours:

We were fortunate to have both Rachael and Jessica here for Thanksgiving and we are looking forward to them both being here for Christmas as well. We were invited to the home of Bob & Bonnie Mummy in Cave Creek for festivities:

From the left: Rachael, Andy, Jessica, Bob, Shannon, Bonnie, Barb.

The day after Thanksgiving, former neighbors in Omaha, John & Mary Jane Mancuso, who we hadn't seen for more than 15 years were visiting Arizona and we had a fun afternoon catching up with them.


There was a fun Christmas Party with the Sahauro Miata Club which was well attended - and - the local Corte Bella convertible club, the Drop Toppers, held an event at the Wrigley Mansion, just one of the homes built for William Wrigley, Jr.

On the 29th we attended the Huskers in Arizona holiday party and met other transplanted Nebraska fans.