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 Happy New Year 2013!

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Here we are at mid-month - and the longest "cold snap" on record in the last 25 years. A mad rush ensued to insulate above-ground irrigation pipes and faucets; rags,  towels, and frost blankets covered any plants that would be killed or pipes which would freeze and break by four nights of sub-freezing temperatures. The neighborhood looks like a patchwork quilt. Fortunately, things will improve by the 17th, with daytime days back at 68-70 with full sun. Each year we live in this warm climate, we get colder at temperatures we would have begged for when living in Omaha! Here's a photo of our courtyard fountain the first morning after the cold began . . . after that I took it apart and drained it since running it continually through the night didn't deter it freezing up.

True to their word, the weather people came through with the warm temperatures. 75-80 for the next 7 days  . . . . oh, that feels good!

What could get better than a trip to the famous Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale. Incredible classics and rare automobiles from every decade! Here are just a few examples:





The auction is about more than automobiles, although that's where the big $$$ are! You can find all sorts of automotive memorabilia, art work  . . and plenty of junk food to go around.


Well, something happened on the way to  . . . the Mazda dealership. The silver 2006 MX-5 Miata with black top went in for a few repairs . . . and well,  it never made it back home. It simply got replaced with a black 2012 Mazda MX-5 Touring model. Oh well, cars happen!

Barb's sister, Janice, visited from Topeka, Kansas from the 3rd to the 9th. Escaping the snow and cold of the Midwest and being in the sun with Arizona temperatures in the 70's felt really good to her! Here she is with Barb in Sedona.

After a day in Sedona, Janice and Barb visited Lake Pleasant to look for wildflowers and have great BBQ and onion rings at Dillons at Scorpion Bay.


Another day brought a visit from cousin, Suzan, who drove up from Yuma for a visit. Lunch and shopping in Cave Creek and Carefree were on the agenda.


     Left: Janice and Suzan. Right: Suzan, Barb and Janice

Lunch at the Horney Toad Restaurant



On the 21st, John and Bob Mummey drove to Bartlett Lake to photograph this Spring's wildflowers. Here's just a little of what we saw:


On the 23rd Barb and John joined 17 other Miatas for a run to Boyce Thompson Arboretum near Superior, Arizona. We were too early in the year to capture cactus blooms.


Our "Santa Barbara" neighborhood had an evening block party on the 13th which attracted about 150 residents who reside in this area of Corte Bella. The weather cooperated there was plenty of food to go around.

In preparation for an upcoming issue of the "CB Times", our community magazine, an effort was made to assemble as many Mazda Miata owners who were available and take a group photo for the next edition. Although there twice as many Miatas are in the community, only eight were vailable for the photoshoot. See below - 3rd from the right:

Another photoshoot with Bob Mummey at Spur Cross in Cave Creek on the 10th yielded these photos:


We did a few days in Vegas mid-month; the slots did not treat us kindly  . . . BAD slots! Saw the movies Gatsby and Ironman III and enjoyed a short time away from home. Later in the month Barb took a tour of the new location of the yet unfinished Children First Academy in downtown Phoenix. Rachael came in from Lincoln for a nice visit the lat week of the month.


On the 15th we participated in a Sahauro Miata Club run to Prescott with about 20 other Miatas. On Father's Day Barb and I met Bob and Bonnie Mummey for Lunch at Wolfley's in North Phoenix for lunch.


The 4th brought a great pool party at the Emerson's. Good fun! The weather has been very hot - well, that's to be expected . . . but now that we are officially into the "monsoon season", the humidity, usually in the 5-10% range, rises overnight to 65% or so, then decreases to about 30% in the afternoon. Still low by some standards, but combined with 100+ temps day after day, it does wear on you this time of year. The monsoons bring the potential for high winds and heavy rains with flash flooding  . . . and are very unpredictable. This is the time of year Valley residents look forward to October through May - and living moves outdoors with wonderful weather.

Click HERE for a Smilebox visit to Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, AZ

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The month is starting out with temperatures and humidity that are expected halfway through our monsoon season. Even though it's still somewhat a "dry heat", when temps reach 110º and the humidity is above 50%, it gets pretty ugly! We had several rains in July and we need more to catch up on annual rainfall to date.

It has been "one of those" Augusts! Neck surgery for John at the beginning, then foot surgery for Barb at the end. We are looking forward to being past the aggravation period and moving on into the Fall which will bring cooler weather and opportunities for outdoor fun. Oh, and John's chronometer turned over another year on the 24th.


Early September brought unexpected rain as the "monsoon" season wraps up for the year. Parts of the East Valley (we are NW) experienced much heavier rains that bought them local flooding.

On the 13th we celebrated our 44th anniversary!


Happy Birthday, Barb! Six weeks after foot/ankle surgery to repair torn ligaments, she has graduated from the "Knee scooter" to a walking boot  . .  and starting physical therapy. Slowly, but surely!


No more walking boot for Barb - the surgery was a success and recovery is going well.

On the 3rd and 4th we spent two days seeing the sights in Sedona with Bob and Bonnie Mummey.

Here we are at Fuzzy's Sports Bar in Surprise watching Nebraska lose to Iowa. We are smiling only because it was early in the game and the tears hadn't started flowing yet. Left to right: Jessica, Trasi Martin Fletcher, Rachael, Barb and John.

Exciting news: Jessica has been elected partner at her firm, Edison, McDowell & Hetherington LLP in Houston. Congrats, Jessica!

On the 18th we picked Rachael up at Sky Harbor Airport and stopped at P. F. Chang's for Chinese food on the way back to the house.