2010News Archive



Record breaking temps in the low 80's have been wonderful for the middle of December, especially when we see the Midwest temps dropping and the snow piling up. Rachael will be joining us in Arizona for the Christmas holiday and we are looking forward to that. Happy Holidays to all!

Hopefully, in the early part of 2011 this website will have a new look and format (I've been struggling with that!), so if updates are not readily forthcoming just picture me hunched and scowling over the computer keyboard!


Just a quick note  . . . a BIG round-trip to Hutchinson, Kansas (a mere 2,500 miles) for Thanksgiving with many of Barb's relatives. It was big turnout combining the holiday dinner at McIver's home and, the following day, an 80th birthday celebration for Barb's Uncle Don, of Liberal, Kansas. We were fortunate that Jessica and Jason were in Derby, Kansas (a Wichita suburb) to visit Jason's mother. This afforded a great opportunity for Jessica to make the hour drive to Hutchinson for a short visit. It's always good to return to the warmth of the desert, however, especially at this time of year.


This month brought the return of many of our snowbird friends from Canada and visits from Kay & Mike Milow and Jan & Steve Amdor from Omaha. Barb's cousin, Suzan, from Yuma, also stayed with us for a night.


Throw in a luncheon ride to Yarnell with the newly formed Corte Bella Convertible Club - plus some Halloween and Fall parties and this made for a very busy month. Barb and I also took in 4 matches with the Senior Pro Tour here in Surprise - Michael Chang, Mark Philippoussis, John McEnroe, Jim Courier, Aaron Krickstein to name just a few. McEnroe and Chang on the left  . . . and guess who arguing with the chair umpire on the very first point of the match.


Coming up  . . . Jessica's birthday on the 31st. Happy Birthday, Jessica!


A quick trip to Las Vegas and tickets to see the magician, Lance Burton, who is winding up his 14 year run at the Monte Carlo. On the way home we diverted NE out of Vegas to see The Valley of Fire where the red rocks are abundant  . .  see for yourself!







And then, as we were in the vicinity of the Hoover Dam, we spotted a large number of waterfowl flying overhead - and the moon was visible behind them . . so here it is:


This is John's favorite month  . . . and it's not because of his birthday  . . . at this age who's counting? It's his favorite because it represents the very best summer month from his childhood  . . . school never started until after Labor Day and August was the "last hurray" of summer when swimming, baseball, picnics, etc. were in full swing.

Busier this month with trips to Prescott for Arts and Crafts on the Square  . .  and to link up with Bob and Bonnie Mummey (high school classmates of John's now living in Cave Creek, AZ) for lunch  . . . then to Tucson for a Sahauro Miata Club Road Run  . .  and finally, to Vegas for 3 days  . . . rates are just too good to ignore!


This month we headed to Houston for three days to visit Jessica. We even got to see the rare flowering of what is commonly known as the "Corpse Flower" at the Houston Museum of Natural History  . . . yes, it does smell very rank.











Talk about slow months with not much happening  . . well, these two fit the bill!


On the 10th we made a "run" with the Sahauro Miata Club to the summit of South Mountain (south of the Phoenix Metro) . . . a few photos . . . Barb & John, just some of our fellow travelers, and a view of downtown Phoenix from the summit.






The wetter than usual "winter" and spring have produced an abundance of wildflowers  . . . see for yourself!



On the 26th and 27th we headed for the Grand Canyon and Sedona with our daughter, Rachael,  who was visiting from Lincoln, Nebraska . . . here we are on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon . . .

In other news, Rachael moved into a new apartment in Lincoln - got some new furniture - and is just loving it!!


Lots of rain this month  . . . reservoirs are full  . . . wildflowers are beginning to blanket the fields and mountainsides with the arrival of warmer weather. We made a quick day trip to Montezuma's Castle and Montezuma's Well on the 20th  . . . photos below and please click on the links for more information regarding these National Park sites.







ROGER has a liver . . . and is home doing rehab and getting meds adjusted . . .  just fantastic!

Mid-month we traveled to Laughlin, Nevada with the Sahauro Miata Club on an overnight trip and lodging at the Aquarius Casino Resort. On the 21st we enjoyed the company of Bob & Bonnie (Woodward) Mummey, classmates of John's Pitman High School Class of 1962. They have lived in Cave Creek, Arizona for 18 years and recently reconnected through Facebook.


Barb's Omaha friends, Susan Natterman, Kathy Hasselbalch and Lynn Covert arrived on the 15th for a quick visit. The weather cooperated and they were able to catch some "rays" on Friday afternoon followed by dinner at Camarones Restaurant & Cantina. On Saturday they visited the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden, did lunch at Arcadia Farms and explored Scottsdale's Poisoned Pen Bookstore and Old Town. From left to right below: Barb, Susan, Kathy and Lynn.


The week of the 17th delivered much too much rain and many Valley communities had flooding issues. Further north from Sedona to Flagstaff, heavy rain and snow caused I-17 and I-40 to close intermittently throughout the week.

Barb continues to volunteer one day a week at the Children First Academy in downtown Phoenix  . .  it is the largest school for homeless children in the country.

On the 25th we received very good news that our dear friend, Roger Hansen, has finally been placed on the liver transplant list and is now waiting for a suitable organ to become available. The minimum of $200,000 has been raised just to get Roger scheduled and tissue-typed. $500,000 will likely be the total tab for the procedure and all accompanying hospital charges. Roger's insurance specifically excludes liver transplantation, necessitating the raising of funds through donations and  pledges.

Our daughter, Rachael, has received a promotion within the State Farm Insurance Regional Office in Lincoln, Nebraska. Still working in the Learning and Development area, this opportunity brought increased responsibilities and appropriate recognition for a job well done. Congratulations, Rachael!