2005News Archive



We have moved from the "old" house to the town home and are still struggling with "where can we stash that", "why did we keep that", and the classic "I can't find the (fill in the blank)". John got through his back surgery on the 7th better than in the past and came home the morning of the 9th. Slowly, but surely, he is feeling more human (a good thing?). We will fly to Phoenix on January 10th for a walk through of our new home at Corte Bella on the morning of the 11th. Official closing will be on Monday the 16th, and we will be back in Omaha on the 21st. In mid-February John expects to be sufficiently recuperated from back surgery to make the drive to Arizona and start to live there. Barb already has booked her Spring Break tickets for April. Jessica and Jason will spend 10 days around Christmas and New Years at the Qamea Resort & Spa in Fiji. We will see Rachael and Pat on Monday, December 26th for a Christmas celebration with them. As we sign off for 2005, we wish you all continued good health and happiness in the New Year.


We certainly have been enjoying an extended "Indian Summer" as the temperatures continue to stay well above normal for this time of year. Jessica and Jason arrived from Houston for the Thanksgiving holiday - and along with Rachael and friend, Pat, we made our way to the McIver Farm in central Kansas for Thanksgiving dinner and visiting with relatives. We rented a van with a 3rd seat so we all could comfortable fit into one vehicle. It makes for a long day - five and a half hours travel time each way - and that leaves about the same amount of time for visiting and eating. Well worth the effort, though.

We are about 95% moved out of the house and into the town home . . lots of "stuff" had to go for this very big downsizing. Closing here is still scheduled for December 2nd, the remainder of our possessions to be moved professionally on November 28th.


Happy Birthdays to Barb on the 1st - and Jessica on Halloween!! More "congrats" are in order - Barb has been selected to receive the Career Compensation  Award recognizing her work in the classroom "as she once again moved grade level (five years with five grade level changes) as well as for her energies to bring support and awareness to the area of mathematics throughout our building." Her nominee wrote "and she does this unselfishly without a whimper of complaint  . . always making the best of every situation." Recognition for a job well done  . . and a cash award to boot! Good job, Barb! We attended the Paul McCartney concert here on the 30th! What can you say  . .  Sir Paul wowed the crowd for three straight hours with a mix of new and old, both hard and soft. A great performer!


More news - we have sold our Omaha home in preparation for the move to Arizona. With such a soft buyers' market here, we had to settle for being on the market longer than planned and accepting an offer lower than hoped for . . . but the alternative of making two mortgage payments come January wasn't very appealing, either. Closing on the house is scheduled for December 2nd, so November will be a marathon month of throwing, selling, packing, shuffling, etc. and getting situated in the rental town home here while plans in Arizona proceed on schedule.


As we went into August we decided to change strategies regarding selling the house; with the market flooded like never before in the residential real estate market here, selling it ourselves was just not bringing the foot traffic or offers to us  . . so . . go to Plan B . . get a good realtor and move on . . by the end of this first week of the month we should commit to building our new home in Arizona. School starts for Barb next week, with the 4th graders showing up the following week.  Still no sale on the house, but we are hopeful that it will sell by the end of September. Jessica has been very busy - traveling to Dallas and Philadelphia for depositions and cases on numerous occasions. Construction is now under way in Arizona with a tentative closing date in mid-January 2006.


On the 16th and 17th Barb and Rachael traveled to Lawrence, Kansas, home of The University of Kansas (K.U.), to meet old friends from Abilene. Lots of "catch-up" time and shopping with Emily and Colleen in Lawrence with Barb and Rachael stopping on the way home in Topeka for a brief visit with Barb's sister, Janice.

The house has been on the market for two weeks now with not much interest so far. The marketplace is flooded with "Homes for Sale" and we anxiously wait for "the right person" to walk through the front door and make an offer we can't refuse. Once having made the decision to "move on", IMPATIENCE is a good word to describe John's demeanor!

I guess it's official - the heat wave has broken - this morning, the 27th, it was a bright, clear 54°. Only two days ago the "wake up" temperature was 30° higher than that. High today will only be in the 70's while two days ago we hit 107 with high humidity. Gotta get those long johns out . .  not!


On the weekend of the 13th we had a great time visiting with old friends from Abilene, Kansas - Colleen and Rex Cearley. Colleen works for the Eisenhower Presidential Library in Abilene where she is contemplating retirement in a few years - and Rex is a teacher and counselor in the Abilene Schools. This was their first visit to Omaha in over 10 years.

Barb is enjoying her Spring Break from teaching duties the week of the 13th. No trips to Phoenix this Spring, but, instead, we will be heading that way in June. Barb is "amusing" herself by identifying "stuff" for a future garage sale - and by going through old files of teaching materials and discarding a lot of outdated materials.

John has buried himself in Genealogy AGAIN - with a new software program that will allow for organization of the many facts, figure, documents and photos that have accumulated over the last few years. A big project to say the least since he is abstracting or typing whole documents spanning 18th Century Welch grave marker inscriptions to Civil War Records to college emails from Jessica! The end product will not only document our family trees, but make it come alive and three dimensional with so much added material.


This month's first week has been remarkable only its ability to jerk us around weather-wise! From a sunny 64° on the 3rd and a windy, but still sunny 58° on the 4th, we have returned to "winter as usual" with 15°, gusting winds, and 4-5" of snow on the 7th. Should have known it was too good to be true! On Friday the 18th we drove to Des Moines, Iowa to spend the weekend with our friends Marvin and Linda Larson who recently relocated there from Omaha.  We had a great time seeing their new home, catching up on family news, and antiquing.  And that visit to the Cheesecake Factory  . .  yum!


Wham . . . we skated by without snow until now . .  January 4th  . . . schools are already closed for tomorrow, the 5th, with expectations of 12" or more of the white stuff by Wednesday night . . and a 2nd hit of snow closed schools for the 6th. Oh, how good Phoenix looks now! John has been enjoying his "Group-Santa" gift of an Apple iPod  . . . gotta love those gadgets! Next month John "goes back to school" so to speak, taking a not-for-credit class in Adobe PhotoShop at Metropolitan Community College. Well, here we are on the 24th with a very different, but GOOD, weather forecast for today and tomorrow - 50° to 55°, then back into the 30's for the rest of the week . . but even that is preferable to the very recent below zero temps. Barb and I have decided to take our trip to the Southwest in mid-June this year, so plans are under way to fill in the itinerary. John enjoyed the 2005 Auto Show at the Quest Center on the 21st and has already found another "gadget" that will allow him to broadcast his iPod music over FM through the car radio. After reading a number of reviews - mixed that they were - he decided to try one out  . .  and voila' . . . it works perfectly.