2003News Archive



The end of another year as we look forward to 2004 and Jessica's marriage to Jason in March. Happy Holidays to you all!


We had a great trip to Minnesota last month . . a fun time and beautiful scenery! We are looking forward to having Jessica and Jason visit us here in Omaha for the Thanksgiving holiday. Barb's sister, Janice, came to Omaha from Topeka to help us celebrate the holiday.


Birthdays this month for Barb on the 1st and Jessica on the 31st . . Happy Birthday! We are traveling to Winona, MN this month to visit our nephew, Henry Hill, his wife, Lorie, and sons, Tyler and Trevor . . and we are hoping that the leaves are still all ablaze with color during our visit. Winona is right on the Mississippi River in southeastern Minnesota and has many Victorian-style buildings and homes that we are looking forward to seeing.


Barb is back in the swing of things at school; a class of sixteen 4th Grade students this year, who, overall, seem to be decent group of kids. We celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary on the 13th with a nice dinner at "Charlie's on the Lake". On the 16th John drove over to Des Moines, IA to see half of our Phoenix-friends team, Roger Hansen, who was there for 3 days of meetings. Jessica has been trying to wrap up more wedding details such as "the cake", "the flowers", and, of course, "the honeymoon", which looks like it will be in Mexico.


Hot and dry . . that's the hand we were dealt in August . . school started for Barb on the 6th, with the 4th Graders "reporting for duty" on the 13th . . oh, and John's 59th birthday . . sure wouldn't want to leave that out . . yeah, right!


This month found us on the road to Santa Fe, Tucson, Phoenix, the Grand Canyon, and back through Albuquerque before returning to Omaha . . . about 4,000 miles in just under 2 weeks! Plenty of great scenery to go around in those places . . . . Barb found a nice silver Native American-made bracelet in Santa Fe, and while in Tucson we had our own personal local guide - Jesse Frantz, a friend of Jessica's from Vassar who is finishing up his Ph.D. in Optical Physics at the University - give us a quick tour of the city. That evening we met Jesse and his wife, Meagan, for a great dinner at P. F. Chang's. Also, in Tucson, we took a model home tour at the Robson Communities' "SaddleBrook" development. In Phoenix, we spent about four days with our friends, the Hansen's, who, once again, were generous hosts. While in the area we checked out the Robson "PebbleCreek" development as well. We then spent a day and a half at the Grand Canyon, touring the South Rim on foot and viewing the IMAX movie of the Canyon on Day 1 . . . then early the next morning taking an hour aerial tour of the Canyon in a 6-passenger high-wing Cessna. Barb was a little apprehensive about it, but glad she did it since the vastness of the Canyon is really impressive from above. While in Albuquerque we stayed with Jim and Susan Carson, friends of John's from his high school class. They have lived and worked in Albuquerque for over 20 years and generously shared their home and their time to show us the city and the scenery.


Rachael spent 4 days in Houston with Jessica and Jason mid-month and Barb and John met Jason's parents in Kansas City over the weekend of the 21st/22nd. On the 29th we made a quick day trip to our old "home town" of Abilene to visit friends Colleen & Rex Cearley, where we enjoyed their company over a great meal at the Brookville Hotel.


May 29th . . . Happy 25th Birthday, Rachael! We split the day between the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens and the Henry Doorly Zoo. CONGRATULATIONS to Jason on passing the Texas State Bar Exam !!!! What a crazy weather month here in Omaha . . high winds, tornados, hail and LOTS of rain with daytime "highs" averaging 10 degrees below normal.


Barb spent the 18th-21st in Houston with Jessica and Jason - and Jessica's good friend, Cindy Chung - doing wedding-planning-related things and enjoying the warm weather. Nothing like a quick trip to Topeka to see the flowers in bloom at Binkley Gardens, a private residence with 3 acres of blooming tulips and daffodils on a warm 85° Spring day. While there, we visited with Barb's brother, Bob, sister, Janice, and Janice's friend, Gail. Barb is off to Houston April 18th to the 21st to visit Jessica and Jason . . . How about that 90° on the 1st . . . and the April Fool delayed until the 4th when we are at 32° with light snow and sleet. Who says Nebraska isn't an interesting place to live? While Jessica was in NYC the last weekend in March she found just the right wedding dress and had time for a visit with her friends Cindy Chung and Gloria Haynes.


A very cold start to the month and a little more snow as well. Our mid-month trip to Phoenix is looking better every day . . . hey, and we're already back . . . and it was a great trip! The weather was in the low to mid-80's with plenty of sunshine. Barb got a chance to see her cousin, Suzan, who lives in the area, and we spent a day visiting with Jan and Steve Amdor. Jan teaches with Barb at Cather Elementary and was in Phoenix with her husband for a few days. We also took a tour of Sun City Grand just to see what we'll look like if we ever get old. As usual, our hosts, Roger and Debbie Hansen, were very accommodating and we enjoyed our visit with them.


Several snowfalls and colder temps have made this month less enjoyable than last. Barb and I are planning to spend some time in Phoenix in March and Rachael is planning a June trip to visit her sister in Houston.


Ah, another new year full of promise . . . a New Year's Eve spent quietly with neighbors, then some really warm weather - two days of 65° - then January weather reality caught up with us. Mid-month temperatures dropped to single digits with several nights below zero. . and the 6" of snow. Then there's the constant reminders from the Hansen's in Phoenix that it is sunny and 75° . . so cruel.