2001News Archive


The day after Barb's school was out for summer vacation in June we left Omaha for a 4,000 mile - two week road trip that took us through Oklahoma, where we stopped overnight to see Barb's friend, Irene, in Broken Arrow, to Fort Worth and Hico, Texas for the wedding of Barb's cousin Jim Chamberlain and his fiancé, Pam, and to visit with her Aunt Nadine. Rachael stayed in Omaha, but Jessica was able to get away from Houston and drive in for the ceremony and reception. That was the weekend that Houston experienced 26" of rain in 24 hours and Jessica wasn't sure that she could get back into town on Sunday. That Sunday, Barb and I left Texas for a trip up into New Jersey - just around the block - where we stayed several days with John's Pitman High School friends, Bruce and Barbara Ware, visited with John's brother, Richard and his wife, Mary, and took a side trip to Egg Harbor Township to check in with his cousin, Barbara, and his Aunt Dot and Uncle Henry. Many South Jersey pizzas and Philly Cheese Steaks were consumed.

Our second weekend out was spent with Charlie and Maureen Letocha at their home in York, Pennsylvania. On Saturday we took a tour of the Gettysburg battlefield, and on Sunday spent a good part of the day in Adamstown at what has got to be the largest assemblage of antique shops, vendors and booths that Barb and I have ever seen in one place.

The following Monday morning we left for a LONG drive to Bloomington, Illinois to visit old Omaha friends, Karen & Carroll Kinnaman. We had a very enjoyable two day visit (and more antique shopping) and returned to Omaha mid-week. The following weekend found us in Lawrence, Kansas for the wedding of Emily McCollim, of Abilene, and her fiancé, Todd. The second weekend on July we were in Salina, Kansas for a birthday party for Barb's Manhattan, Kansas High School classmate, Cheri Lundberg. Thanks go to Frank and Merilyn Griffith for hosting the festivities and providing all with "room and board" for the weekend.

On July 19th Barb and I flew to Phoenix for six days to see old Abilene, Kansas friends, Roger and Debbie Hansen, who moved there from Abilene in August 2000. We were joined by current Abilene friends, Ken and Ann Manning and Dave and Marcia Hayes to make the "reunion" complete. Lots of fun, food, hiking, swimming, shopping, more food - just a great time overall. Thanks to the Hansen's for the coordination of activities and arranging for on-site guest suites for all of us at their apartment complex.

We were not able to attend the Hill reunion in Kansas on the weekend of July 28th, but did get to the McIver's for a Thanksgiving visit. Barb was back to school in early August (too early) and we enjoyed a very nice, extended Indian Summer and Fall. Jessica made it to Omaha for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we ended 2001 on a happy holiday note.